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Hi there!

My name is Jenn and I'm really happy you've stopped by. I created this blog in 2014 with the hopes of sharing healthy recipes and fitness tips, life lessons and musings from daily life to make you go hmmm. Beyond health and fitness, I like to write about topics including careers, relationships, body image, traveling and more. It is my ambition to start conversations that encourage us to live happier, healthier lives. 

I'm a fitness fanatic who admittedly suffers from a bit of workout ADD. I love blasting good tunes and crushing a heavy lifting session in the gym, trail running with friends, the blissful feeling after hot yoga and barre classes. I've completed triathlons only to find out I'm terrified of open water swims and used to be a CrossFit fanatic (although I've recentlyed picked it back up!). I'm a certified Barre instructor and an NPC Bikini Competitor. 

Professionally, I work as a Strategic Product Marketing Director for a large healthcare IT company and prior to diving deep within corporate american, I served as speech and script writer to General Schwarzkopf and General Haig. 

I'm a firm believer that some of the best memories are made with loved ones around a big dining room table - sharing healthy and wholesome food alongside a rich glass of cabernet (or whatever you enjoy!). I have a passion for creating healthy versions of classic recipes (I'm fairly certain my Paleo Pad Thai could rival even the best Thai restaurants around). 

Enjoying some fresh fare in Bali, Indonesia 2013
My sweet King Charles Cavalier Lucy manages to crack me up on the daily! 

How could you NOT love that face?!

25 Random Things About Me
  1. I love to cook but despise cleaning up.
  2. I love to bake but refuse to measure. Hence, all of my cakes come out of the oven boiling.
  3. I studied abroad in London in 2004.
  4. I’ve traveled my way through three passports.
  5. I’ve attempted to learn 3 different languages. English is the only one I remember.
  6. I work out nearly every day. Not only to keep myself fit, but to avoid punching people in the face.
  7. I'm a crier. A romantic movie. A sappy commercial. When I’m happy. When I’m sad. It’s a real talent. 
  8. I have a B.A. in Journalism and Strategic Media Planning with a minor in Family Studies.
  9. I’ve always wanted to be a Journalist.
  10. After graduating Arizona State, I served as Speech and Scriptwriter for General Schwarzkopf and General Haig. 
  11. I love hydrangeas.
  12. I can put Sriracha on a shoe and eat it. Almost.
  13. I silently correct people's grammar.
  14. I am my own toughest critic.
  15. Riding a horse terrifies me. Would you get in a car and let it drive you around town?
  16. My favorite movie is My Cousin Vinny.
  17. I have a slight obsession with wearing workout clothes. In fact, my laundry is comprised of 90% workout clothes, 10% pajamas. True story.
  18. Coffee ice cream and a hot fudge brownie are pretty much my most favorite combination on the planet.
  19. I get exceptionally crabby when I’m hungry.
  20. I love interior desig. So much so that I bought a fixer-upper in 2015 and have been renovating it from the studs up ever since.
  21. I tattooed the Hebrew phrase Beshert on my ankle as a constant reminder that whatever is meant to be, will be. 
  22. I currently live in Atlanta, was born and raised in New York, and have lived in Florida, Arizona and London.
  23. I'm an only child. But I know how to share :)
  24. I developed an allergy to soy in my mid-twenties and sushi has never been the same.
  25. I love writing. Blog posts, white papers, website copy, eulogies, love letters. I never pass over an opportunity to put pen to paper. 

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